“Gamoanate” is for you

It might look like You have a desirable job or your own business, at first sight, but still you question: Maybe, I am capable of even more? or is this something I really want to do?

You have a variety of relationships including your partner, children, friends and family, colleagues, but still you frequently have the feeling of emptiness and even disappointment or anger?

Do you have enough time for yourself and for your desires? Maybe you even have enough time, but then you don’t have enough energy for it, or maybe you save this energy for “more important” stuff and people. And by the end of the day, there is no place for joy.

You are a humble person and you struggle to express your needs, for example, asking for a salary raise, or to be promoted, or maybe your needs with your partner are not met. You don’t express them, but still you are worried.

The goal of “Gamoanate”

The Good news is that everything that we have right now: relationships, career, family, achievements, our health and even our physical condition is a logical consequence of our thoughts. Hence, if we want to change any of these, the button for this change is in our hands, in our mind, to be precise.

The difficulty is that 95% of our thoughts are almost habitual and are imprinted in our mind on a very deep level and we don’t even notice them creating our life.

At “Gamoanate” we`ll discover those thoughts, we`ll see where they come from, how they impact on our life and how we can manage them so that we create the life we want.


300 Gel

24 September – Full Day


1000 Gel

25 September – Full Day

Team of “Gamoanate”

“Gamoanate” is one of Leo Institute`s seminars. Our team has been giving seminars in different countries for 40 years and till now gives people the opportunity to consciously create a life full of joy through self-development.
We strongly believe that each person has limitless potential to create and we live a fulfilling life only when we start using this potential by stopping considering what others are expecting from us, or reacting to the situations happening around us.

Sami Cohen

Anna Cohen

Tina Kukhianidze

Giorgi Burchuladze

Gamoanate for Organisations

In the case of organisations, the goal of this seminar is to explore how our thoughts and beliefs create the environment we work in. How our unconscious mind creates difficulties for our colleagues, how we can create a different perspective on the same subject and what prevents us from teamwork.

Participants of “Gamoanate” share that they feel much more connected with their co-workers and they discovered absolutely different people in each other after this one day experience.

“Gamoanate” gives an opportunity to each participant to become a better co-worker and better team player that realises his/her full potential at work.


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